Full Service Marketing & Advertising Agency.

We're great at creating awesome Marketing & Advertising you can imagine, plus many things you can't. That's because this is what we do best. For example, on top of planning, implementing and overseeing amazing marketing campaigns, did you know we also build awesome websites like this one. better still, we can integrate them together to make them both more powerful. We do this using databases and lots of cool tools to make sure everything communicates the way you want it to.

Do you need to integrate with your CRM system? No problem. Don't have a CRM system but would like one? We're on it, using platforms such as sugarCRM and AWS to build world-class tools. Best of all, our work will help you outperform your competitors yet cost a fraction of the fees you might expect from a larger Marketing & Advertising Agency with huge overheads. 

That's because we put the 'full service' into the Full Service Marketing & Advertising Agency.

You see we do it all in-house, controlling the costs normally passed onto clients. That's because traditional agencies often refer work onto other parties, who may refer it on again. Plus, they maintain expensive offices and company cars that you ultimately pay for. In fact, have you thought about all the commissions, referral fees and markups you might be paying? 

With JRM though, we keep it simple and mostly digital. We have set rates upfront and maximise our work with you online since meeting in person always costs more. Makes sense right? So whether we're talking websites or mobile apps, marketing your products and services across a wide range of platforms from Digital Marketing & Advertising to traditional print & television, or expert marketing consulting... we've got your back

Key Words: Ethical. Trustworthy. Efficient. Affordable. Effective.

JRM is about Elegant Solutions for complex problems. 


We have a proven track record of getting our clients onto the first page of Google. That's because we know how to create great content that Google loves. Plus, our advertising and marketing campaigns are proven to be successful and to generate a very high financial return on your outlay.


We keep it simple by improving your website or building you a new one that works. Then, we use search engine optimisation (SEO) by creating content that Google likes. Next, we'll discuss tools like email marketing, Google AdWords & traditional media to create a sales funnel for your business. Plus, we help you target the most valuable clients.

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Be the most highly skilled, ethically driven, and 'return on investment' focused advertising and marketing agency on earth.

We Are Results Focussed

We offer tailored marketing solutions. In fact, our sales, advertising and marketing packages are designed just for you.

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Some remarkable events our digital marketing agency went through.


April, 2016

JRM has evolved into a full-service media and marketing company. To improve customer focus, Romey.co is sold. The company splits into separate divisions to enable us to focus on our main types of clients.


Laneways.Agency becomes Australia's foremost Aged Care specialised marketing experts.


Melbourne Website Designers (MWD) takes over the other client groups, focussing on how digital technologies can be more affordable to you. In fact, MWD now builds mobile apps, complex and powerful websites, front and back-end technical solutions and more. Plus, MWD handles all marketing aspects for its clients, from digital through to traditional (such as print, bus & train advertisement and billboards).

Nov, 2015

JRM releases at world changing 3-way marketplace app called Romey.co.  Romey.co is changing the way company's book talent and is represented in almost every country on earth.

Nov, 2014

JRM pursues a strategy of expansion of services. New team members come on board with a broad range of skills. Also, new clients are quickly added to our roster, including several in the aged care space. In fact our services expanded to include website development, SEO and a broad range of marketing and advertising services.

Jan, 2013

Company relocates to Melbourne due to growth


Dec, 2010

Jerome studies at Bond University. He completes a three year Bachelor degree in just over two years. His results consistently place him in a top 10th percentile of his cohort.

Jan, 2008

After a career spanning Australia, the UK, America and the Indian Ocean region Jerome Rault leaves a lucrative Commercial Director role with CFAO (a division of the world's 2nd largest luxury brand company PPR) to pursue a dream of self employment. He returns to Oz to study media production.