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Your clients hear what you're saying only 10% of the time. However if you add imagery, especially video, to your message your customers will hear your message and retain it 65% of the time!

Video is fast becoming the primary way to communicate with customers.

In 2017 it's estimated that 74% percent of all internet traffic is video content, and it just keeps growing. In fact by 2018 Cisco projects estimates video will make up over 80% of all Internet traffic. Video needs to form a vital part of your overall marketing strategy.

Integrate visual to improve marketing effectiveness

Visualise everything before it's made

Mobile optimise videos to increase conversions

We're experts at creating engaging, effective film, video, animation and photography services & content. Effective content means content that gets an intended result, whether that be a click, contact or a purchase for example. That's why as well as making attractive, fun to watch content we also tie it all together with your marketing objectives and brand personality to ensure you get the best results.

At JRM we have extensive expertise in web video production, corporate video production, TV commercial production, music video production, animated video production and more. In fact, you can see examples of our work here (https://vimeo.com/jeromeraultmedia)

As well operating a video production company based in Melbourne, we also own Romey.co.


Romey.co is a highly active, international marketplace of talented artists connecting photo/videographers, actors, performers, bands & musicians, stylists and many other sorts of talented artists. Though Romey.co we have access to a global network of talented artists with whom we work to create amazing, engaging content. No other marketing and production company has access to this type of global network of artists. This means we can produce better content for less.

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Let us help you leverage video to increase your brand awareness and improved sale conversions.

Turn your website into a work of user friendliness. After all, who wants to use a website that doesn't do what you want it too?


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