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What is Search Engine Optimization and Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation is often referred to as SEO. Search Engine Marketing is referred to as SEM. We use SEO & SEM to increase your sales, bring in new clients, stop existing clients being tempted by competitors, reduce your costs and improve your profit margins.

With Search Engine Optimization and Marketing we work on improving your website against specific search terms. Also, we build content that gives you a real 'presence' on the web. This improves your credibility, especially compared to your competitors, in the eyes of the search engines. Further, we carry out research and strategise a plan tailored to your needs to help you establish your niche on the web. Of course, we provide regular reports on your progress so you can see exactly where is dollar went in what return on investment (ROI) you received.

Organic Search Optimisation

The best and most lasting form of optimising your web presence. This involves creating specific types of useful content that helps search engines recognise you as an authority in your field. This in turn ranks you higher in searches.

Improved SEO Content

We prepare your content so search engines can easily find and index it. This insures they only send relevant traffic to you. This way you can target the sales traffic you want, reduce time wasted on wrong leads and increase profits.

Back Link Building & Reciprocation

Vitally important, Backlinking involves a sort of online networking. We build your credibility with search engines buy digitally 'partnering' with a reputable websites. Sometimes we do this via an agreement and sometimes more organically.

Our SEO packages ensure that you will achieve higher rankings in search results. In fact, depending on the industry you're in, we can help you achieve first place ranking for selected keywords. Furthermore, we provide regular reports and constantly work on improving the flow of relevant customers to your website.

SEO is absolutely vital to your online presence. Without SEO your products & services will not be found by potential clients. Importantly, we offer packages that are affordable and which can scale with your growth. Best of all, you will see the results in a regular reports as our experts work to rank you higher on search engines like Google, Yandex, Yahoo & Bing.

Need Some Proof?

Here are some statistics from how we helped a client in six months.


Increase In New Users


Decrease In Bounce Rate


Increase In Page Views


Increase In Page Views

Targeted Keyword Research

Target keywords are at the core of your SEO / SEM strategy. It's one of the important ways we define who we are targeting. Then, we communicate that information to search engines & organic web traffic

Detailed Activity Reporting

JRM provides a detailed report of your website SEO performance evaluation, as well as data about your traffic, top referring keywords and a full explanation of your search engine activity.

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