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What is Affiliate Management?

Affiliate managers oversee the relationship between you and any affiliate network who may be promoting your products/services.

Affiliate marketing revolves around incentivising people to promote your products or services. For example, a blogger might write an article about you encouraging people to visit your website via a dedicated link. Normally you would not pay anything for the article, but you might pay a referral fee for each one of the blog's visitors who clicks on a link to your product/service.


Best of all, you can carefully control your ROI. That's because you only pay commissions based on a predefined result. For example you may pay for a click through, or only a percentage if a sale is generated, or both.

Combinations Work Best

It's always best to combine affiliate campaigns with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in order to maximise their effectiveness. They can also be combined with dedicated landing pages or subscriber opt-ins that capture the personal details of the referral. Also, they are particularly well suited to large volume sales such as shoes, insurance or travel offers . This is because the commissions remain small and the tracking is very precise. Nonetheless, carefully tailored affiliate programs can promote very high ticket items such as property sales.

World's Best Programs

We can help you identify an affiliate programs & networks that might be suitable to you. It's important to know that affiliate programs need to be carefully monitored. This is necessary to protect you from spending too much. Also, it's to ensure that the quality of the clients coming through is good, and that your brand is not being endangered. For example, we would not want someone to recommend you whose values and professionalism do not reflect your own. For these reasons and many more, it's important to be very careful when setting up an affiliate network or programme.

Friends With Benefits

Did you know that you can switch affiliate management on or off instantly? That means that you can activate a programme only when there is a slump in sales or at peak times for example. Also, you can modify the commissions at will. For example, you might choose to have higher incentives to get people on board but then reduce them once your affiliate program has proven to be successful. Most affiliates are happy to take a lower commission, referral fee or bonus if they know the program works well. However, well established referrers (such as well known bloggers) may require more incentivising if your program is not known or your brand or product is new.

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Position Your Affiliate Marketing

It is not sufficient simply to put out advertisements. Instead, you must position yourself carefully against competitors in the marketplace. This is why it is so important to have a detailed marketing plan first. Then, we use our tools and knowledge as your affiliate manager to build affiliate marketing that will bring in business from every corner of the globe. Best of all, we'll affiliate manage every aspect or your affiliate marketing programme for you, and provide regular detailed reports. These will included affiliate management recommendations for ongoing improvements, including ways to maximise spend.

Experience Counts

Our experience with affiliate marketing ensures we will create a diverse and profitable campaign for you. That's because our team of affiliate marketing experts knows how to maximise your position in the digital marketplace. In fact, we know how to make your offer more attractive to referrers than those of your competitors. Furthermore, our affiliate management will integrate your affiliate marketing into your broader marketing plan. This is in order to ensure you're not just generating sales but also building a network of loyal customers. 

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