Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We create tailored Email Marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience. This helps you advertise products and services efficiently and effectively. In turn, this engages new and existing customers and generates sales.

However email marketing is also dangerous.


When not done properly email marketing can be seen as SPAM. SPAM has the effect of damaging your brand with search engines and ultimately costing your sales.

It is therefore vital to work with a partner like us when implementing email marketing. That's because our tools, experience and proven strategies ensure that your domain (URL) well never be marked as a source of SPAM.

Marketing campaigns that are personalised, segmented and targeted are important for increasing brand awareness. Better still, they help maintain connectivity with your clients and drive conversions at key times. Of course, we'll ensure people can opt out easily, and that they only get information that is relevant and of interest to them. Further, we use powerful tracking and reporting tools to gain information on how people are responding. Then, we use this as part of our constant improvement processes.


Personalised Email Marketing Strategies

One glove does not fit all. Rest assured our plans will be tailored to you and carefully monitored.

Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

We build great campaigns that work, and that increase sales and profitability as and when you want.

Tailored Email Template Designs

Email is a visual medium and our designers know how to create emails that convert for you.

Detailed Tracking & Reporting

We'll tell you things about your clients you never knew. For example, what their preferred social media tools are or who clicked through (and who didn't).

We handle everything with your Email Marketing.

In fact we'll build you individually tailored content and work up end-to-end email campaigns and programmes.

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Don't risk your email marketing strategy to amateurs. Work with a proven, established agency like JRM.  

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You won't regret getting on board with email marketing.

Stand out from your competitors. Create engaging content and invite people to be a part of your solutions.


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