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Have you had your company's online presence analysed and audited yet?

Without online presence management how will you know your digital strategy is working, especially compared to your competitors? Worse still, you don't know what people see or hear when they do online research on you, your products or services.

What does a company analysis and online presence management audit deliver? 

In brief, it will provide you with clarity on your current position within your marketplace compared to your main competitors. 

For many businesses their website is now their primary shopfront. A thorough audit will identify the obstacles limiting the performance of that shopfront. Furthermore, it forms an essential part of your marketing planning. That's because as part of the audit we'll generate recommendations around design improvements and integration with content marketing strategies.

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Integrate online presence management with your overall marketing plan.

At JRM we integrate our online presence management recommendations in with your (established or evolving) goals and objectives. In fact, this applies to your online activity as well as other sales, marketing or customer service activities. Of course as part of the process we use industry-leading, proven technical tools, resources and techniques to generate analyses of your business in the marketplace. Further, our analysis will identify who your customers are, who they should ideally be, plus how you can position your company within the marketplace (taking into account existing or potential competition).


Of course, when completing your analysis we provide you a comprehensive report including recommendations with anticipated benefit/cost scenarios.

Constant performance strategy

The information we generate in our online presence management reports ensures that you make sound business decisions from a well-informed position. In fact, without this research you are effectively guessing.

Constant behaviour optimisation

It's important to know what your clients are seeing elsewhere, on other websites and in the marketing and media. That way we can optimise their experience with you. Better still, we can ensure a consistent message across all platforms from social media & press through to industry body websites and more.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Some of the services we offer as part of our online presence management analyses includes content auditing, auditing of competitor websites, auditing of customers, identifying & assessing influencers, carrying out market analyses, and managing in-page analytics in real-time. Furthermore we customise filters and automate tasks, assist conversions, track and report on important events and much more. Ultimately, the tools and services employed will reflect an audit of your needs.


Target spending more efficiently


Improve your search engine ranking


Identify obstacles holding you back


Flag alarming competitor activities


Receive regular, informative reports


Monitor with in-page analytics

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Would you benefit from online presence management of your brand information?

Let's ensure people see you as you want them to see you, rather than allowing other people to decide your fate.

The cost and detail of our online presence management audits can be tailored to your budget and specific needs.


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