Pay Per Click Management

What is (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising and Management?

(PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising, when done correctly, delivers highly qualified sales leads directly to you for a fee. The most popular platform for PPC is Google Adwords.

(PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising is not the be all and end all though. In fact, (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy. Also, (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising and Management typically includes paid search ads, display ads, advertising on videos (such as on YouTube) etc.

Furthermore, it usually includes PPC remarketing (where we target people who've visited your website already)  and advertising on social media websites such as Facebook.

Minimise the costs...

PPC can be unnecessarily costly when not done correctly. At JRM we carefully monitor our clients (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising accounts. Then, at regular intervals, we review your spend and the traffic coming through to see how it's converting into sales. Further, we spend a lot of time working on negative keywords to ensure that the traffic coming through to you, that you are paying for, reflects exactly the type of client you're targeting.

Ultimately, our success comes from the work we do around the campaigns, constantly monitoring and refining your PPC spend to maximise the return on your investment(ROI).


Why use Paid Search Advertising?

Use PPC to improve your sales conversion rates on highly competitive products and services. Advertise at the top of the page on search engines and other media.


What about PPC Remarketing?

Turn people have already expressed an interest in your product into loyal customers by retargeting them at key times on their sales journey.

Does Social Advertising Work?

Social media marketing is highly effective and B2B but slightly less so for B2C. Speak to us about your products and services and we'll be able to advise you.

How about Display Advertising?

Display advertising is most commonly associated with static banner ads. However, it's also very effective when leveraging video and audio formats.

Video Advertising

Video is an incredibly powerful tool. In fact YouTube is expected to supplant Google as the world's most popular search engine. Our video division creates all sorts of contents from mini documentaries through the music videos.

We’ve got enough experience to create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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We manage your PPC 24/7 x 365 days per year


We carry out reviews monthly and provide detailed reports


We know how to manage bids to put you at the top of the page


Our PPC campaigns get people's attention fast!


Our PPC campaigns integrate into your greater marketing strategy

Are you wasting money on (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising?

Talk to us to see how we can improve your results and reduce costs.

Maximise the bang for your buck. We'll put together a (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising campaign that will get you results.


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