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Social Media Marketing is a great way to connect with local businesses & potential clients. It's also a great way to build your brand, and brands have value.

One of the things that makes JRM special is our ability to work with you across a range of mediums. This is most important when dealing with social media. That's because, whilst social media is important it's also fraught with risks. Therefore it's important to make Social Media Marketing a part of your daily marketing goals.

Close the Circle


Furthermore, it's also important for you to 'close the circle' around your social media. This is to ensure no damage is done to your brand reputation. Sadly, this is always a risk when you give people a voice with which to praise or criticise you. That's why 24/7 Social Media Marketing is vital to your business. After all, without it you do not know what's being said about you, good or bad. Furthermore, you cannot address those conversations. Worse, that means that you could lose customers, or confidence in your brand & products.

We provide fully supported and managed Social Media Marketing services. In fact we'll create the content, carry out blogger outreach and deal with your clients for you. In this way our experts are intelligently dealing with your clients in real time (according to agreed parameters). Of course, we will provide you with detailed reports that not only measure 'shares', 'likes', 'views' and 'comments' but also how this resulted in increased sales for you. In fact we do this work across all the popular platforms including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Create & Maintain your Profiles

JRM creates and customizes social media profiles with quality content and aesthetics that resonates with your brand and audience.

Daily Brand Monitoring

We track what people are saying about you and activate pre-approved protocols where necessary.

Organise Social Media Contests

Contest are a great way to ramp up interest in you, your product or service fast and affordably. We'll help you plan and implement competitions through social media.

Daily Social Media Management

JRM's team of social media experts can manage your accounts on your behalf and engage with your audience.


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