Telling Testimonials

Testimonials are only worth anything if the person is willing to back it up 'in person'. That's why, if you would like a testimonial from one of our clients, we're happy to reach out to them and arrange a conversation direct. That's how confident we are in the long established relationships we share with our clients. Wouldn't you like that sort of relationship?

"(JRM) understood our needs well... Jerome is an excellent communicator, a consummate professional and a delight to work with".
Head shot of Kirsty Mitchell
Kirsty Mitchell
Director - Career Development Centre, Bond University
“JRM was a pleasure to work with and gave great confidence that what we were trying to achieve, could be achieved.”
Kent Broad Head SHot
Kent Broad
Director - Carbon Neutral
“(JRM) has a clear idea of what we are after and is determined to hit goals, even when unforeseen circumstances occur. (JRM) is knowledgeable in many forms of media and business related topics. I look forward to collaborating with (JRM) again in the future!”
Eric So
Eric So
Compositor at Framestore
“(JRM) is highly motivated and has the ability to manage and organise... time and schedule around different activities. (JRM) takes a very positive attitude... If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me.”
Darren Paul Fisher
Darren Paul Fisher
Head of Directing, Bond University
“I had the opportunity to work with Jerome on projects while at Sykes Enterprises in both the US and Europe. I hope to have an opportunity to work with Jerome again in the future.”
Tracy Batts photo
Tracy Batts
Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Remar, Inc.
“JRM is committed to excellence, it is a pleasure to work with them. Any client should be pleased to have JRM as the director for their Film & TV Media Strategy.”
Iain Ferguson
Iain Ferguson
Sales Associate at Remax Regency